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  • HEADTEACHER’S STAKEHOLDER SURGERIES In order to ensure good communication and co-operation the Headteacher would welcome any stakeholders in the community to drop into a surgery anytime between 9 and 11am on the following dates:   14th February 2019 4th April 2019 23rd May 2019 11th July 2019 No appointment will be required, but depending on uptake, these meetings may be limited to 10 minutes
  • Head Students’ Newsletter We are proud to release the 2nd Headstudents’ newsletter:
  • What is a six word story? A story told in six words. That’s right – six words. The story can be about absolutely anything. The best six word challenges are the ones that are creative! Please submit your Six Word Challenge to Miss Rogers in K9 or to sophie.rogers@hdhs.school by Friday 14th December.  There will be prizes for the winners!
  • Year 7 Celebration Event 4-5pm Thursday 13th December The English and Communication faculty would like to invite you to a celebration of your son/daughter’s creativity in English after their first term at HDHS. Year 7 students have experienced a big change in their arrival at secondary school and we would like to share their progress and hard work so far with you. Click ...

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*STOP PRESS* Do you really know what your children are doing online? You may have internet filters already in place; do you really know how secure the filters are? What are YOU doing to safeguard your youngsters’ electronic activity?


Be Fearless Against Crime – the new campaign launches 6th June for the rest of the Academic Year. Fearless is where you will be able to access all sorts of impartial information and advice on a range of crimes and criminality. See https://www.fearless.org/ for more information or go to the school’s safety and welfare webpage for detailed information on how to keep your child(ren) safe and healthy.

It has become apparent that there is an escalating concern regarding ‘Sexting’  A briefing sheet for parents is attached with information. Sexting-briefing-sheet.pdf – 351 KB

Romeo and Juliet: a modern twist showing how the lives of these young lovers might play out online today, including the Lark ‘tweeting’ and Romeo ‘friending’ Juliet. ‘The World Changes. Children Don’t’ is the latest campaign from CEOP helping us ensure our youngsters stay as safe as possible.


School Updates

Year 10 Parents Evening, Thursday 28th February, 3.30-6.30pm:

This provides an opportunity for parents/carers to meet with subject teachers and discuss progress of students.

To be held in the School Hall and B1. Entrance via reception.

Appointments can be booked from 9.00 am Thursday 14th February on the Parents Evening Booking system: https://www.hdhs.org.uk/parents/parents-evening-system/

Bookings close at 12.00 noon on Thursday 28th February.

Year 7 and 8 Reading Homework

Year-7-and-8-Reading-Homework-2019.pdf – 62 KB

Harwich and Dovercourt Sixth Form College

We are delighted by how many applications we have already received to study at Harwich and Dovercourt Sixth Form College next year.

The application form can be found on the school website here: https://www.hdhs.org.uk/sixth-form/

HDHS students who have any questions regarding applying to sixth form, be it here or elsewhere, are welcome to speak to Mrs Parks, Mr Higgon or Mr Herron, our Sixth Form Leadership Team.

Year 11 Revision Support

Please follow this link to see the support available for  Year 11 students to maximise their grades over the coming months.

Year 11 Revision Support


Headteacher’s Welcome


HDHS is the proud learning environment of hard-working students and staff committed to serving the community of Harwich and Dovercourt.

Every student is welcomed and unapologetically challenged to achieve their full potential and be the best possible version of themselves.
Strong, positive working relationships with parents, carers and other stakeholders are at the heart of our commitment to success of the young people, who will go on to lead our community.
I welcome your encouragement, support and belief as together we build real opportunities for our students’ futures.

Kate Finch


Homework is set regularly, using an online system shared with parents and pupils.” – Ofsted, June 2016


Pupils are safe in school because of the well established structures for pastoral support, with effective leadership and clear roles for staff.” – Ofsted, June 2016


The community system delivers high quality personal welfare that has created a close knit supportive community.” – Ofsted, June 2016.

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Proud pupils unanimously agree that they are happy and safe in school”.

“Behaviour in lessons, before and after school and at lunch and breaktimes is good.” – Ofsted, June 2016

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HEADTEACHER’S STAKEHOLDER SURGERIES In order to ensure good communication and co-operation the Headteacher would we… https://t.co/1mcDH83Ckx


HEADTEACHER’S STAKEHOLDER SURGERIES In order to ensure good communication and co-operation the Headteacher would we… https://t.co/odB9X6Hl1M


HEADTEACHER’S STAKEHOLDER SURGERIES In order to ensure good communication and co-operation the Headteacher would we… https://t.co/zbmhFlILhm