Year 11 Revision Support

September 2018

As I am sure you are aware this is a vital time for students embarking on their final year of GCSE study.

This year’s cohort will study the entire range of new GCSE specifications. It is generally accepted that these are now more difficult and contain subject content previously included in Post 16 courses. In addition, the vast majority of coursework has been removed, with students being assessed wholly on their terminal examinations in May. BTEC courses do retain coursework, however the examination element has become more difficult.

Traditional grading of A*-G for GCSEs has now been replaced by Grades 1-9. It is difficult for students and parents to know how well they are doing in relation to the previous system, so students are now graded via ‘Minimum Expected Grades’ (MEGs). These grades are derived from each student’s Key Stage 2 starting points and represent the minimum expectation for the average student of the same ability. These are the grades students will need to use to demonstrate their progress and achievements when moving to the next stage of their education.

Please note it is now every student’s progress across 8 subject areas which will be assessed. Their MEGs are the levels they are capable of achieving, and many students will obtain higher grades than their MEG. It is essential that we all encourage students to begin their exam preparation now.

Please see below for further details of support available for Year 11s in this important year.

Year 11 Revision Support

Year 11 lunchtime and after school revision support classes timetable:

Year 11 Academic Evening Presentation:

Year 11 Revision Websites:

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