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Revision Support Check

Year 11 Revision Support


Geography English Mathematics
Unseen poetry Revision Guide:
Language Paper 1 Exam questions Section B
Language Exam questions Q5 P2

Revision Posters

Quote Revision

Poetry Anthology Exam questions

Unseen Poetry Exam Practice

Poetry Revision- 15 Conflict poems

Revision Memory Clocks
5 A DAY Revision tasks
English Language Paper 1 Homework January

Language Homework

Literature Homework

Literature Paper 1 Exams question

Literature Paper 2 Exam Practice
Language Q3 Structure Revision
Language Paper 1 Q1 Practice
Exam papers – Language paper 1
Exam papers – Language paper 2
Comparing AQA Power and Conflict poetry
Literature Knowledge Organiser
AQA English Literature An Inspector Calls Videos
  1. A* answer
  2. Everything you need to know about Eric to get an A*
  3. Eva Smith explains the play
  4. Theme
  5. structuring a paragraph in the exam

An Inspector Calls Knowledge Organiser:

An inspector Calls- Context Revision
An Inspector Calls Exams Questions
An Inspector Calls- Character Revision
An Inspector Calls Workbook
Jekyll and Hyde Annotated Chapters
Jekyll and Hyde Revision
Jekyll and Hyde Revision Workbooks & Revision Guides:
JH-Bible.pdf – 1 MB ’50 VIVOS for submitting an exam response to your teacher’
Dr-Jekyll-and-Mr-Hyde-Revision-Guide-revision-guide.pdf – 101 KB ’50 VIVOS for submitting an exam response to your teacher’
Jekyll and Hyde Chapter Revision Test
Jekyll and Hyde Revision Video:
Jekyll and Hyde Context video:
Jekyll and Hyde Exam Practice Questions
Jekyll and Hyde Knowledge Organiser:
Romeo and Juliet Videos
Romeo and Juliet – a theatrical interpretation
Act Two Scene Two- A dramatic interpretation:
Romeo and Juliet- Fight scene- Theatre Interpretation
Romeo and Juliet- Dramatic structure-Freytag’s Pyramid
Romeo and Juliet Character Links:
Mr Bruff English Language Revision Videos
DNA Revision Videos:
HDHS Production:
Theatre Production:
Leah’s Bonobo Monologue:





German Art Psychology
RE PE Science

French IT History