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Harwich and Dovercourt High School students are rightly proud of their uniform, they designed it.
Over the summer term as Year 11 left, shirt sleeve order was given and students have grown, the uniform has been more relaxed.
From September students will be expected to have the correct uniform as in the school policy (available on the website). We therefore take this opportunity prior to the autumn term shopping to remind you in particular that shoes have to be proper formal shoes( no canvas or trainers), skirts have to be formal and not the tight tubed lycra style, and that trousers are black plain, formal and full length. Our policy is quite clear. Please bear in mind that shops and supermarkets do not know our policy and because they sell it in their school section does not necessarily mean that it conforms to our policy.
There are an increasing number of students who do not have ties and borrow them. Please can you support us by ensuring your son/daughter has their tie with them when they leave for school in the morning.
Hoodies are not allowed in school.
We are a no facial piercings school, any piercing done over the summer break will need to be removed whilst the students are school.
Thank you for your co-operation.
Community Heads/Mrs Fender


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As you may be aware 45 students went on the Maths trip to Frankfurt last week. If you would like to follow their journey a little it will be relived on twitter over the coming weeks.

Head on over and follow @HDHS_Mathematics and #HDHSdoesFrankfurt to see what the kids got up to.

There will also be some diary entries from the students activity packs in the next newsletter (Autumn Term).

Work Experience 2015

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I would like to say a big thank you to all the organisations involved in work experience this year.  It has been a magnificent success with all students gaining from the experience and a few the prospect of employment in the future.  Please see attached for all organisations who participated this year.  Thank you once again.  Anne Myers, Work Experience Co-Ordinator. Work-Experience-Organisations.pdf – 127 KB