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Students: Accessing school emails

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Accessing School Emails

Students, a little reminder, your school Google email address is made up of your normal school username (e.g. 17smithj) and

A link to Gmail is available from the useful links page on the school website, by searching for “gmail” on google/bing/etc… or by clicking this link –

Your password for your Google account is the same as the password you use to log onto the computers on the school site.

If you need your password reset or have issues logging on please email or Facebook message us your full name and school username and we’ll reset your password.

Arrangements for the start of term for students, Wednesday 6th September

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8:35am            Year 7 start (to report to the Hall for a welcome assembly)

9:50am            Year 8-11 students start (to report to their tutor rooms to receive timetables)

10.25am          Break begins for Year 7

10.40am          Break time for all

11:00am          Lessons begin for all students

12:30pm          Early lunch for Year 7

12.40pm          Lunchtime for all

1.20pm            Lessons as usual for everyone

Behaviour Policy Update

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Dear Parent /Carer

You will be aware that Harwich and Dovercourt High School introduced a new behaviour policy in January 2016. The policy offered a clearer approach to supporting learning and progression and in tackling any barriers that might affect how well our students are able to learn and flourish.

It is good practise to carry out a regular review of this policy. Following dialogue and consultation with Student Leaders and School Leaders, I am writing to inform you of some adjustments that will come into effect from April 18th 2017.

  • We believe that a strong partnership between school and home is essential and we strive to achieve this. Where we note a student has received several sanctions, perhaps in one day, you will be invited to a school-based meeting at the earliest, most convenient opportunity. This will allow us to work with you collaboratively in applying consistent strategies between home and school that will support your child(ren).
  • Where we have the unfortunate situation of a student in detention after school the work provided will be adjusted to focus on whole-school strategies that support progression in English, Maths and Science. Students will be expected to complete the work provided. The expectations of detentions will be rigorous: mobile phones, and other smart devices will be handed in for the duration of the detention, and the sanction will be completed in silence. There will be an automatic escalation as per the policy for failure to adhere to these expectations.
  • The location of Internal Isolation is being moved so that it will no longer be within the main school buildings. Students should report to Student Services as normal where they will be collected by Mr Davids. Internal Isolation will have its timings changed to operate from 8.30am to 4.00pm. The expectations will remain rigorous:  mobile phones, and other smart devices will be handed in for the duration of the detention, and the sanction will be completed in silence. An escalation in sanction will be applied for an breach and the period of isolation repeated upon completion of the escalation.
  • REACH will not operate for the Summer Term and students will be referred to the Green Lodge STOP facility in Clacton-on-Sea instead.
  • Reintegration to school will proceed as normal, although in some cases we will invite the referring teacher to attend as part of our Repair and Rebuild process.
  • There will be a gradual phasing out of behaviour points to be replaced by the number of ‘C-Sanctions’ and a new set of thresholds that will invite a reporting process, school-based meeting, senior leader meeting or Governor meeting.

Full details will be shared with students upon their return from the 18th April and these new adjustments will apply in full from 24th April 2017.

What gives me great encouragement is the very positive approach adopted by Student Leaders in recommending many of these changes: these student colleagues represent the student body within the school and they are clear in their desire to ensure we work together to create an environment where barriers to learning are removed.

May I remind you of our rewards system, Vivo, which been a tremendous success. Not only do we see students being recognised for excellence in their work, community spirit and support is also celebrated. Attendance is rewarded and I would encourage you to support this as much as possible. The Summer Term will see the introduction of a weekly rewards patrol where leaders across the school will drop into lessons and recognise great work with an instant Vivo reward of at least 25 points. We are seeing many Year 11 students working hard to gain points in exchange for Prom discounts.

May I also remind you of the school expectation that sugary, fizzy, and high energy drinks are not permitted on-site. Whilst the Lighthouse Restaurant does sell fizzy drinks, these are approved low-sugar refreshments that are in line with our Healthy School status.

I am sure you will agree that these are positive measures to continue to support the excellent progress our learners are making, and for us to maintain our stance that barriers to learning do not have a place in this school.

Our thanks for your continued support.

Yours sincerely


Deputy Headteacher

Important Evening for Year 11 Parents/Carers – 15th September 2016

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Dear Parent/Carer

Important Evening for Year 11 Parents/Carers
Thursday, 15th September 2016 6.30-8.10pm

With GCSE courses well underway, we would like all Year 11 parents to attend a special evening so that we can share with you a range of ways that you can work with the school to maximise your son/daughter’s grades over the coming months.

There will be a series of informal presentations which are designed to highlight key themes. There will be refreshments available during one of the sessions.

Parents rated last year’s evening for Year 11 parents as good or outstanding. Research shows that the support students receive during their GCSE years from both parents/carers and the school has a significant impact upon GCSE grades.

Heads of Learning Community and Senior Leaders will be available to answer individual questions throughout the evening.

I look forward to seeing you on Thursday, 15th September.

Yours sincerely

Mr R Garrett

GCSE Results August 2015

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Harwich and Dovercourt High School is proud of some exceptional GCSE performances again this year. Many congratulations to our top achievers who include Maggie Brundle, Ellis Janda-Bantick, Tom Wotton, Katie Baker, Romana Baker, Darcie Jobling, Chloe Rotchell, Jess Powell, Emmie Rivers, Harvey Green and Ellie Free.


Rob Garrett, Headteacher said “We are celebrating significant successes for students as well as the school. This year 32 students took Further Maths as well as their GCSE Maths and achieved a 96% pass rate. A*-C pass rates in German and Health and Social Care improved with students making excellent progress in Art, English, Maths, Dance, Design and Business Studies. Congratulations to staff and students for their hard work and for the progress our students have made during their time at the school.”

Overall figures indicate 50% achieved 5 grade C passes or better and 46% gained at least a grade C in both English and Maths. 42% achieved 5 A*-C including English and Maths.

As a school community we are disappointed by some of the headline figures. Over the last few years there has been a gradual improvement in these key indicators. There appears to be a large number of schools nationwide who have experienced unexpected drops in key subject areas. HDHS will also be submitting a large number of examination papers for remarking.These attainment results do not accurately reflect the students’ achievement as collectively they made better than expected progress from their starting points.

We look forward to building on our successes and continuing to improve the school experience for all of our students. The school has committed £600,000 to new teaching facilities which will open in September. We are confident this will lead to further school improvement.

A Level and BTEC Results Press Release

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Thursday 13th August

‘It has been very pleasing to see our A Level and BTEC results come into school. A Level results are in line with those achieved in 2014 whilst the school has seen a significant increase in the outcomes from its vocational courses. The increase is broadly equivalent to a grade per student. We are delighted that these results mean that over 85% of our year 13 students have already secured University places at this early stage. Subjects which have performed strongly include Media, Design, Business and Technology.

These results provide a fantastic foundation upon which to build. Students re-joining the Post 16 Centre in a few weeks will benefit from a new common room and curriculum centred around their personal iPad. The school is very proud of the achievements made by its year 13 students and wishes them every success in their future learning and employment.’
Our A Level students achieved a pass rate of 100%.
Over 50% of students achieved A*, A/B or equivalent
Design students achieved 80% Distinction or Distinction*
Media over 60% Distinction or Distinction*

Sports Day 2015

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Our first Sports day in 26 years was a real success with both spectators and athletes playing their part in creating a memorable atmosphere.

Around 200 students competed in a whole host of events starting Tuesday evening with the high jump/1500M, followed by the other field events Wednesday morning.
Wednesday afternoon saw a variety of track events performed in front of the whole school who were supporting their Community with banners, colours and cheering.

Some fantastic performances were seen on both the track and field and the level of sportsmanship shown by both spectators and athletes was first class.

New school records were created on the day for each winner.

The competition was close throughout with the lead changing several times.

Following the final relay race the results were as follows

1st Windsor 512 points
2nd Heidelberg 497 points
3rd Versailles 409 points
4th Alhambra 380 points

If you came and spectated thank you for joining us and if you didn’t we would love to see you next year.