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HDHS Students- Now more than ever is a good time to expand your mind and explore the world. These are some sources and recommendations to get you started on your exploration.Challenge yourself and your mind by investigating an area that you may not know a lot about. These recommendations will be updated and will grow over time.

HDHS Year 10 Students – Instagram English revision and memory training:

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Every year the HDHS English department has an Instagram page for Year 11 GCSE students to support their out of class revision, learning and memory training. The new Instagram page for our current Year 10s has been set up earlier than expected. Any student who has an Instagram account can follow the page. Year 10 students have been emailed with the relevant information and many are already following the page. There will be daily posts relating to the study of GCSE Language and Literature. Instagram is a visual and instant platform so the posts are aimed to be visual and instant and support memory. Every Friday on ‘Show My Homework’ a quiz will be set up linked to the Instagram posts. It is a way of assessing if the students have been learning and if the posts are supporting memory. Not all students have Instagram and that is fine. This is just something extra for those who want to avail of it.

Year 7 Meet the Tutor Parents Evening – 4th December 2019

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Year 7 Meet the Tutor Parents Evening will be taking place on Wednesday 4th December in K Block. This is an opportunity for parents/carers to meet and receive a short update from their child’s tutor.

Appointments are available from 3.30 pm to 6.30 pm and can be booked using the Parents Evening System online via the School website, from Wednesday 20th November at 9.00 am.

The website link is:

If you are unable to access the link please telephone the school reception from Wednesday 20th November at 9.00 am and someone will make an appointment for you.

During the evening there will be a short talk by Mrs Finch, Headteacher and Mrs Honeyman, Head of Year 7 to explain school procedures, the interim report system and provide information on the pastoral system. This will be at 4.30 pm and repeated at 5.30 pm in the main school hall.

There will also be a London showcase display for those who would like to take a look, following on from the year 7 London Extravaganza trip.

Opportunity Curriculum – Year 7 & 8 Students

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Opportunity Curriculum

Your son/daughter has now completed the first half term of the academic year. It has been a very successful half term and I have enjoyed seeing and hearing the students embrace every opportunity to develop their learning. At HDHS we want to do all we can to ensure our students are aware of their amazing potential and we want to facilitate and encourage every opportunity for our students to develop as successful learners.

I want to introduce to you the Opportunity Curriculum. The school curriculum is the provision that HDHS provides for each student to learn and grow as learners. I am a firm believer that learning is not just something that happens in school. The Opportunity Curriculum is another level to our whole school curriculum and was introduced to the students in assembly this week and presented to them in the form of a booklet. Your son/daughter will be able to share their copy of the Opportunity Curriculum booklet with you but it is also available on the school website.

The Opportunity Curriculum is simply a platform to guide HDHS students to learning opportunities outside of the classroom. This takes the form of reading, watching documentaries/films, researching and visiting interesting places. On a daily basis this half term I have seen first-hand the passion and excitement that our students have for new learning experiences and the Opportunity Curriculum nurtures that love of learning. There is no expectation on the student to complete any particular suggested activity in any set time frame. Learning is a continuous journey. We want the student to take control of their own learning. The Opportunity Curriculum booklet is presented as a subject a page, allowing students to choose the subject/topic they enjoy the most and continue their learning outside of school.

There will be rewards for students who show independence and initiative, however the greatest reward is obviously ‘learning’.

Thank you for your continuous support of HDHS and our efforts and dedication to develop successful life-long learners.

 Yours faithfully

Kate Finch

HDHS-Key-Stage-3-Opportunity-Curriculum-Booklet-2019_2020-1.pdf – 1 MB