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  • Year 11 “Outward Bounds” style residential course Yesterday Year 11 pupils received a presentation about the National Citizens Service (NCS) which is a scheme run for students in the summer after their GCSEs. For only £25 (free-school meals) to £50 (non-free school meals) pupils will attend a one week “Outward Bounds” style residential course, receive leadership training and then are supported in ...
  • Letter from Headteacher Please click on this link to view this letter:
  • The Grange Consultation Please see below for further details:
  • HDHS made the BBC National News! We were delighted to share the initiatives we are using at HDHS to promote reading to our students. HDHS is proud to be a Reading School: BBC News Clip 3rd December 2019

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HDHS Vocabulary Curriculum

Every fortnight HDHS has a Root Word focus, where we embed the Root Word across the school via assemblies, tutorial and subject areas. Further details van be found here:  HDHS Whole School Root Word Curriculum 2019-2020 – 8 MB

From Monday 27th January our Root Word is COSM- meaning “World”

HDHS Expected Reads