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November Safeguarding Update

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Dear Parent/ Carer, 

I write to update you on the following important safeguarding themes to assist in keeping your child safe and well.

The link below will take you to the Childnet website providing updated information for parents and young people on risky behaviour and how to maintain online safety using a handy ‘Parent and Carer Toolkit’.  

Parent and Carer Toolkit

Increasingly we see that children are missing school due to anxiety which appears to be a national problem. Whilst this can be a worrying time for all, we have found that the most successful strategy is parents working together with the school to plan support which enables students to attend school regularly even in challenging mental health circumstances. If your child is experiencing difficulties, please don’t wait, talk to school immediately. The links below provide further advice in this area. 

NHS: Stress Depression and Anxiety in Children

Young Minds: Parents Guide to Support

Finally, we will be launching a ‘Student Health and Care’ surgery on 21st November 2019 9.30 – 11am to support parents with any health or safeguarding issues your son/ daughter may be experiencing.

As ever, we are available to provide support and advice should you require this. 

Yours faithfully, 

J.W. Loten
Deputy Headteacher

Year 9 ‘Perfect’ TIE 

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Yesterday year 9 students, had a visit from Ginificent to perform ‘Perfect’.  This is part of Safer Essex Roads Partnership’s (SERP) road safety programme and delivered to highlight passenger responsibilities.

‘Perfect’ starts like a sitcom in its slick delivery. The plays infectious characters and their idiosyncratic relationships will have the audience instantly smiling. Using naturalistic acting, narration, physical theatre, and popular music, the performance and its story line will have you glued to your seat. We see the build-up to a crash involving Anne (13).  Anne is a perfectly normal, pretty young girl, who after being thrown through a windscreen in a car accident, had over three hundred stitches to her face and head because she wasn’t wearing her seatbelt. Anne had to live with the constant reminder of how important a seatbelt really is. There are some hard-hitting themes contained within this play, including the mention of Anne’s suicide.

Key messages: Wear Seatbelts & don’t distract the driver.

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Join us at Harwich and Dovercourt Sixth Form:

Written by Belinda Gosling on . Posted in Promoted News, School News

Follow the link below to sign up for our new Sixth Form offer:  Sixth Form Offer
Here is our Presentation to explain the courses that are on offer to you for Sigma Sixth whilst studying here in Harwich:  Sixth-Form-Open-Evening-Presentation.pptx.pdf – 5 MB
Click on this link to read about the new sixth form opportunities available to students next year: Sixth Form Opportunities

Safe Online Behaviour

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Dear Parent/Carer,
There has been a recent glut of inappropriate social media use amongst year 7 pupils at HDHS. It seems some pupils have been using WhatsApp to create an unpleasant group chat aimed at spreading unkind and bullying behaviours. Today a police officer came into year 7 assembly to discuss the legal side of this and possible ramifications for any pupils involved.
Thank you to the parents who contacted us to bring this to our attention. Any kind of bullying behaviour will not be tolerated and pupils involved can expect severe sanctions and possible referral to the police.
In order to monitor your child’s use of their mobile phone and social media, please make regular checks with them. It is worth pointing out that WhatsApp has a minimum user age of 16. Please discuss this with your son/daughter and let us know if you require any support or advice with this matter. Here is a link to a leaflet on safe online behaviour for your information:    Child Online Safety – 1 MB
Yours faithfully,

J. W. Loten

Deputy Headteacher
Harwich and Dovercourt High School