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Exam Results

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Sixth Form Results – Thursday 16th August 2018

It is a fantastic year for the sixth form at Harwich and Dovercourt High School with an outstanding picture of a 100% pass rate for A level students with over 60% achieving A-C grades.  Furthermore, 100% of students applying for university have achieved the results to enable them to take up their places with some remarkable individual successes including one student, Liam Ainger, who achieved an A and three Cs and is now taking up his place reading history at university.

Additionally, a number of vocational course successes will now be going on to apprenticeships and other vocational posts.  Headteacher, Kate Finch, applauded the students, “We are exceptionally proud of the achievements of these young adults and I know that Rob Garrett, Headteacher throughout most of their time in the school, is also very proud.  But these achievements are all about these young people in our community working hard to secure their futures and all of Harwich should be proud.  These students reflect the quality of the local sixth form offer at HDHS, part of the Sigma Trust, which is going from strength to strength.”

GCSE Results – Thursday 23rd August 2018

Harwich and Dovercourt High School Students have experienced some remarkable success in the latest exam series. Chloe Collyer, Eve Lyons, Kimberly Mulligan, Oliver Wright, Ellie-Rose Bould all achieved the exclusive top grade of 9, higher even than the previous A*

The 2018 summer exam season saw students sitting the new Grade 9-1 GCSEs in all subjects except technology.  Staff worked incredibly hard to prepare students for the new style of exam papers, first seen last year in maths and English only.

The new 9-1 numerical grades do not map across in a simple way to the A*-G grades. This dramatic break from what has gone before means that comparison of this year’s GCSE scores with previous years is meaningless. The headline figures incorporating maths and English grades that schools have quoted in the past consequently cannot be used again.

The 9-1 grades that students have achieved in maths and English and now most other subjects will be used by the Department of Education to calculate Attainment 8 and Progress 8 figures for all schools. These will be available some time in the autumn term.

Year 10 Maths – reminder of your 3 summer tasks

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1. Try out  All you need is your first name, last name and your date of birth to get started.
2. Complete the A3 sheet you were given by your teacher and be prepared to return it in September in your first lesson back. This will be Tuesday for A band and Thursday for B band. The maths on the back is for you to complete if you just not sure where to begin.
3. Enjoy yourselves and relax. You have a challenging, but rewarding, year ahead of you.
Mr Bacon
P.S. – There will be 10 small prizes waiting for the students that have completed the most questions on 2000 questions have already been answered.

Head Students’ Newsletter

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Good Afternoon All,
I would like to inform you that the first Head Students’ Newsletter has been written and is ready to be released. This is something that we intend to carry on each term and if you have anything you would like to be included in our next edition then just email me and let me know.
Please feel free to read the attached version and give any feedback you may have for the future.
Thank you to all of the staff who helped by writing articles for us, it is much appreciated as we realise you are busy lots of the time. We hope that you enjoy the read and have a great summer.
All the best,
Alfie Benson
Head Student

Year 11 Exam Schedule

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Year 11s have begun extended periods of revision leading up to their exams. For further exam details and a generic timetable please go to our Exams Information page at:

Kick-Start Half Term:

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Dear Parent/Carer

The second half of the summer term this year is our Kick-start half-term; we will be kick-starting courses for our students in order that they get ahead of the game. The term will run differently to others in that all students will have lessons in blocks of whole or half days. There are numerous significant advantages to reorganising the curriculum in this way for every year group and all students will benefit greatly.

Year 7 will be able to experience activities that the usual curriculum time given over a week has not previously allowed, for example whole day projects including field trips into the local environment. They will also get the opportunity to experience subjects that they may decide to pursue later on in their school career, such as media and dance. They will have the opportunity to experience a more broad and balanced curriculum. Additionally they will have end of year exams within this time which will begin to mimic the GCSE style exams so that they will be experienced and not so shocked when they enter key-stage 4.

Year 8 will be able to have a taster of the option choices they have made – this will enable them to be certain that they have made the right choices before they begin their 3 year key stage 4 at the start of year 9. Year 8 will also benefit from having end of year exams within this time within core subjects which begin to mimic the GCSE style exams so that they too will be experienced and unafraid as they enter the demands of key stage 4.

Year 9 will benefit the most as they are in the difficult position of being about to begin the increased content GSCE programme with only 2 years to undertake it. Kick-start will give year 9 the extra curriculum time they desperately need, as they begin their option choices at this time and gain whole chunks of curriculum time to get ahead of the exam demands. Schemes of learning have been rewritten for Kick-start to enable the students to access more than they would during normal curriculum time.

Year 10 will be able to experience PPEs (Pre-Public Exams, formerly known as mocks) in the most realistic style as the Kick-start term affords them a morning of revision followed by the exam in the afternoon: exactly how the real exams take place with extended sessions of revision beforehand. These PPEs will take place at the start of Kick-start to enable teachers to identify gaps early on and plan intervention accordingly.

Year 11 will have extended periods of revision in a bespoke timetable for each of them, in all subjects which still have exams remaining. All students, with exception of those 21 students taking Further Mathematics, will finish this term after their final science exam on 15th June, when their extended summer break begins.

Year 12 and 13 lessons will continue as usual without any changes.

This is an exciting half-term which will significantly improve the chances of the students in their exam subjects as they head through their school career.

Yours sincerely

Mrs Kate Finch