HDHS is a Reading School

reading for purpose and pleasure.

Reading is something we value greatly and put at the centre of everything we do at HDHS. For many reasons students often choose to opt out of reading. We are endeavouring to change that mindset and we are developing a culture of reading at our school.The research shows that students who read on average twenty minutes a day are far more successful than students who read less than twenty minutes a day or don’t read. See the attached poster on ‘The Twenty’.

Twenty-Poster-1-1.pdf – 4 MB
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Please participate in encouraging your students to get their ‘Twenty’ every day. This does not have to be twenty minutes of consecutive reading but at least twenty minutes in total of reading every day.In the same way that people talk about getting their ‘Five a Day’ or how many ‘Steps’ they achieved, we want parents, teachers and most importantly students openly and regularly discussing their ‘Twenty’.

As a school:

  1. Students are given an opportunity to independently read for at least five minutes in every lesson throughout the day
  2. Homework is often related to reading
  3. All Year 7 and Year 8 students are expected to have reading material on them at all times as part of their expected reading and to read at any available opportunity. An example of this is that students read in assembly while waiting for it to commence.Every opportunity is taken to achieve ‘The Twenty’.

There will be lots of initiatives throughout the year to promote the value of reading and develop a culture of reading at HDHS. We appreciate any suggestions or ideas you have to support the work we are doing. There are two major strands to our reading school:

  1. Reading for purpose- we read to get information and learn more.
  2. Reading for Pleasure- we read to escape, hide from the world,enjoy the world, feel an array of emotions, be imaginative……….

As part of our ‘Read for Pleasure’ strand we have started an initiative called ‘Read Together’ which means as a school we have chosen a book to read together as a community. The idea is that it is a shared experience for us all to discuss and debate(which is what reading should encourage). The book chosen is a Young Adult book called ‘Run Riot’ by Nikesh Shukla. This a very fast-paced, exciting, modern book that the students will relate to and enjoy. It is not one of the ‘classics’ but a modern book chosen for enjoyment.The students listen to two pages a day being read by a teacher(a different lesson every day to add to the anticipation and engagement of ‘Read Together’). The students do not have a copy. This initiative is just a small part of the day but we hope it sparks an interest and excitement about reading.I would like to let you know that in the original copy of the book there are some swear words( it is very difficult to find a YA book without some swear words) but the teacher will be censoring this language (as this book is being read) to students of all ages so your students will not be exposed to any language that we deem possibly offensive.

HDHS Literacy Calendar 2018-2019

Any questions, suggestions, or ideas, please contact me at the address below:Raymond.Gallagher@hdhs..school
Assistant Headteacher