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HDHS is organised into year groups overseen by Year Leaders, for monitoring of progress and for pastoral care.
Each child will have a dedicated tutor whom they will meet each morning during tutor time.  The tutor is the first point of contact for messages, attendance, progress and well-being.

Year 7 and 8
Head of Year: Mrs M Honeyman –
Assistant Head of Year: Mrs J Maasz –
Student Support Assistant: Mrs M Hammett
Extension number: 290
Email address:

Year 9
Head of Year: Mrs G Bradshaw –
Assistant Head of Year: Mrs J Hughes –
Student Support Assistant: Mrs D McDermott
Extension number: 255
Email address:

Year 10
Head of Year: Mr G Lewis –
Assistant Head of Year: Mrs A Beynon –
Student Support Assistant: Mrs D Locke
Extension: 254
Email address:

Year 11
Head of Year: Mr P Day –
Assistant Head of Year: Mrs G Harris –
Student Support Assistant: Mrs A Wells
Extension number: 253
Email address:

Students remain affiliated to a community for some charitable occasions and for some sports competitions:
Red: Alhambra
Green: Heidelberg
Yellow: Versailles
Blue: Windsor.