On joining the school, students become a member of one of four Learning Communities and are assigned to a tutor group within that Community.   Learning Communities are made up of students from Years 7-11 and the mixed age groups meet together for assemblies, competitions, charitable events and fun activities. This system is designed to create a sense of belonging, to encourage students to be more aware of the needs of others and to recognise that we are all part of a wider Community.

The Learning Communities are named after great European castles and palaces. They are:

  • Alhambra
  • Heidelberg
  • Versailles
  • Windsor

Each Learning Community has its own emblem, colours and designated charity. Members of the Community support one-another with buddy and mentoring systems ensuring that older children care for younger pupils. Competition can be fierce between Communities during events such as sports day, inter-community debates and the annual swimming gala. Pupils and staff are proud of and loyal to their Learning Communities.

The Head of Learning Community, working in co-operation with the Form Tutor, is responsible for behaviour, attendance, achievement, assemblies, extra-curricular activities, mentoring and standards (e.g. uniform, monitoring of personal-organisers). The four heads of Learning Community care deeply for the children in their care and over-see the pastoral guidance and academic support which takes place daily within their Community tutor groups.

Community Administration Assistants and Assistant Heads of Community work together with Heads of Learning Community and Form Tutors to ensure that students receive the best quality of pastoral care and are happy, healthy and successful. The Heads of Learning Community can be contacted via the Community Administration Assistants in the Student Services Centre. Contact information is outlined below.

Head of Learning Community: Mr G Lewis –
Assistant Head of Community: Mrs A Beynon –
Community Admin Assistant: Mrs D Locke
Extension: 254
Email address:

Head of Community: Mrs M Honeyman –
Assistant Head of Community: Mrs J Maasz –
Community Admin Assistant: Mrs M Hammett
Extension number: 290
Email address:

Head of Community: Mrs G Bradshaw –
Assistant Head of Community: Mrs J Hughes –
Community Admin Assistant: Mrs D McDermott
Extension number: 255
Email address:


Head of Community: Mr P Day –
Assistant Head of Community: Mrs G Harris –
Community Admin Assistant: Mrs A Wells
Extension number: 253
Email address: