Lesson Time Review – Trial Day Wednesday 27th March

Written by Belinda Gosling on . Posted in Archived News, School News

In order to maximise the learning potential of our students, I am reviewing the current 50 minute lesson time. Most lessons in years 9, 10 and 11 are double lessons and so the lesson lasts 100 minutes in total. We are looking at possibly having a 75 minute lesson because feedback tells us that 50 or 60 minute lessons are not sufficient, especially for practical subjects, but that 100 minutes is too long for the students to sustain concentration. It is very much a review process, and if it is felt that to stay as we are, with mainly 100 minute lessons will be best for the students, then we will not change.

On Wednesday 27th March, we will be having a trial day of 75 minute lessons. The day will start and end at the usual times of 8.35am – 3pm and we will still have a 20 minute break in the morning and 40 minutes for lunch, however, we will have 4 lessons each of 75 minutes instead of 6 lessons of 50 minutes. The timetable for the day can be seen below:


8.35 Registration
8.55 Lesson 1
10.10 Break
10.30 Lesson 2
11.45 Lesson changeover time
11.50 Lesson 3
13.05 Lunchtime
13.45 Lesson 4
15.00 End of compulsory school day

The students will be asked to complete an evaluation of the lessons after the trial day. I very much encourage you to have a conversation with your child in the evening to discuss the effectiveness of a 75 minute lesson and if they felt it was better for their learning.

Your child will know exactly which lessons they have on the day, as they will be fully prepped and prepared during form time in the days leading up to the trial day and they will not have any different teachers to their usual Wednesday lessons.

I hope to get back to you with any further curriculum developments in the coming term.

Yours sincerely,

Kate Finch