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Hair Show 2018

Written by Stephanie Laimbeer on . Posted in Parent News, School News

The annual Harwich & Dovercourt High School Academy’s Hair Show on 17th April 2018, was an overwhelming success.  Hairdressing students created looks based around given themes as part of their assessments for their Hairdressing qualifications before launching the catwalk event to a packed audience of family, friends, local hairdressers and Sigma staff.

The event was judged by Alter Ego Hair Design -Colchester, Raymond’s Hair Studio – Dovercourt and Carmel Tate City & Guilds IQA.

In the Rainbow category students were asked to create a total look around the colour of a sari.  The winner of this category was Olivia Castle (14) of Clacton County High School with her model​ and teacher Miss Fennell-Doyle.

6th Form students presented their colour, cut & finish models and Rachel Pasquale was the winner with model Frankie Bennett.

The ‘Glamorous’ section was won by Courtney Currie where she created beautiful pin curls on her model, glamorous Nan Cindy Campbell.

The stunning Men’s cut and finish was modelled by Huy Dinh and was cut and styled by Rachel Pasquale.  Judges were really impressed with the standard on particularly difficult to cut hair.

Our Rising Star Award  went to Taylor Roberts (year 7) who created a pretty bun with curls on little Paige Elmer who stole the hearts of the audience and judges.

The overall theme of the show was 1970’s and in the Charlie’s Angels section Chloe Gladwin’s Farrah Fawcett style flicks on her model Tiffany Woods impressed the judges and won this section.

The crowd erupted when HDHS Head Teacher Mrs Finch took to the catwalk as a 1970’s disco diva.  The winner of this category was Sapphire Davids on HDHS teacher Miss Burney where she rocked Biba style curls dressed in an orange flared jump suit.

There was even a category for Harwich’s Top Model and it was won by the HDHS, Mrs Parker, Head of Performing Arts.  She wowed the crowd demonstrating her amazing ability to dance in platform heels to 1970’s Bee Gee’s hit ‘Night Fever’.

The Overall Winner was unanimously voted to Rachel Pasquale, winner of 2 other awards.  Rachel (17) says that ‘she was shocked, happy and couldn’t stop smiling and is very proud of being a HDHS Hairdressing Student!’

Please feel free to contact me if you require any further information

Kick-Start Half Term:

Written by Belinda Gosling on . Posted in Parent News, School News

Dear Parent/Carer

The second half of the summer term this year is our Kick-start half-term; we will be kick-starting courses for our students in order that they get ahead of the game. The term will run differently to others in that all students will have lessons in blocks of whole or half days. There are numerous significant advantages to reorganising the curriculum in this way for every year group and all students will benefit greatly.

Year 7 will be able to experience activities that the usual curriculum time given over a week has not previously allowed, for example whole day projects including field trips into the local environment. They will also get the opportunity to experience subjects that they may decide to pursue later on in their school career, such as media and dance. They will have the opportunity to experience a more broad and balanced curriculum. Additionally they will have end of year exams within this time which will begin to mimic the GCSE style exams so that they will be experienced and not so shocked when they enter key-stage 4.

Year 8 will be able to have a taster of the option choices they have made – this will enable them to be certain that they have made the right choices before they begin their 3 year key stage 4 at the start of year 9. Year 8 will also benefit from having end of year exams within this time within core subjects which begin to mimic the GCSE style exams so that they too will be experienced and unafraid as they enter the demands of key stage 4.

Year 9 will benefit the most as they are in the difficult position of being about to begin the increased content GSCE programme with only 2 years to undertake it. Kick-start will give year 9 the extra curriculum time they desperately need, as they begin their option choices at this time and gain whole chunks of curriculum time to get ahead of the exam demands. Schemes of learning have been rewritten for Kick-start to enable the students to access more than they would during normal curriculum time.

Year 10 will be able to experience PPEs (Pre-Public Exams, formerly known as mocks) in the most realistic style as the Kick-start term affords them a morning of revision followed by the exam in the afternoon: exactly how the real exams take place with extended sessions of revision beforehand. These PPEs will take place at the start of Kick-start to enable teachers to identify gaps early on and plan intervention accordingly.

Year 11 will have extended periods of revision in a bespoke timetable for each of them, in all subjects which still have exams remaining. All students, with exception of those 21 students taking Further Mathematics, will finish this term after their final science exam on 15th June, when their extended summer break begins.

Year 12 and 13 lessons will continue as usual without any changes.

This is an exciting half-term which will significantly improve the chances of the students in their exam subjects as they head through their school career.

Yours sincerely

Mrs Kate Finch