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Harwich and Dovercourt High School students recently welcomed former pupil Paul (Pen) Farthing back to the school.

Written by Anna Day on . Posted in Archived News, English And Media, Parent News, School News

After leaving The Harwich School, Paul went on to serve as a Troop Sergeant with the Royal Marines seeing active service in Afghanistan. It was here that he befriended a stray dog and went on to set up a remarkable charity called Nowzad.
Nowzad supports veteran servicemen in the UK and USA and rescues mistreated and stray dogs in some of the world’s most dangerous environments. It employs a team of dedicated men and women in Afghanistan including the first female vets in the country.
Pen has gone on to become CNN’s man of the year and published 3 best-selling books. Along with his colleague Hannah Surowinski Pen spoke movingly and inspiringly to rapt pupils at Harwich and Dovercourt High School.
Assistant Head Simon Garnham said, “It was a real pleasure to welcome Pen back to HDHS. He’s such an excellent role-model for our students having been to the school, carved a successful career in the Royal Marines, set up an inspirational charity and been published in three excellent books. I hope that pupils will be motivated by his incredible personal story. We are so grateful that he found time in his busy schedule to come back to the school and speak to so many students.”
If you want to find out more about Pen Farthing and his charity, go to the website at