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Archive for September, 2017

Chelsea’s Choice

Written by Anna Day on . Posted in Parent News, School News

Chelsea’s choice was a moving theatre performance for Year 9, informing about and cautioning against the sexual exploitation of young people. The narrative highlighted how naivety online or in face to face encounters can be preyed upon by manipulative individuals or groups and gave students practical strategies to stay safe.

Year 7 Rugby

Written by Anna Day on . Posted in Creative Arts And PE, Parent News, School News

Year 7’s fielded two sides for their first chance to represent the school on the sports field. Many of the boys had not even seen a rugby ball before, so it was a true baptism of fire. The boys enthusiasm and determination to impress was outstanding, as was their ability to listen and take on instructions quickly. Scoring many tries and winning a majority of their games was testament to how quickly the new players adapted and got stuck into the game.
For one side Marley Cooper and Billy Barnes picked up a runner up MOM. Marley showed excellent footwork and evasive skills scoring three tries and Billy Barnes was a beast in defence putting in several huge hits on anyone that ran near him.

Overall MOM went to Ryan Bradley who scored several tries and made many metres with the ball in hand playing his first ever game of rugby. For the other year 7 side Olly Bennett and Jude Stapleton were runner up MOM. Olly made several storming ball carries and Jude caused the opposition a nuisance in every game he played. Overall MOM went to Jamie Self who was also playing in his first ever game. Jamie adapted really well to the new sport and took on all advice given to him, he showed tremendous athletic ability and was a worthy overall MOM.

Well done to every single student who took part, some unbelievable individual affords and a brilliant positive attitude shown by all.

Year 7 Rugby Squad

Marley cooper 2
Brandon rixon
Jack lines
Josh Annette
Haydn brand
Ben Farnworth
Luca mason
Oli Bennett 2
Billy Barnes 2
Jacob cooper
Ajay Powell
Alex neal
Brad durrant
Jake Stoke’s
Ross Finn
Zack Fontaine
Ryan Bradley 3
Jude Stapleton
Harrison rumsby
Jamie self 3
Oli Burgoyne

Local business sponsors Harwich and Dovercourt High School’s new ‘Reading for Life’ initiative

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Harwich Haven Authority has joined forces with the Harwich and Dovercourt High School to launch a new ‘Reading for Life initiative aimed at year 7 pupils.
“As a school, we need to focus on literacy skills as fundamental, not only to exam success, but to life chances in general.” Says Sarah Cross, Lead Practitioner In English at HDHS.
Reading for Life will open up a dialogue with the new Year 7 intake on reading and attitudes to reading. It will encourage students to be honest about difficulties and will aim to create an environment that enables them to do just that. It will provide students, whatever their starting point, with some strategies to deal with challenging text and to understand too that the importance of being able to read is not just about being at school.
Whilst providing students with strategies that will support them across the curriculum and beyond, the link will also be made between reading for pleasure and being a successful reader.
“Reading for Life will support students in selecting engaging reading material and also encourage them to take responsibility for this aspect of their reading development. On behalf of the school I would very much like to thank Harwich Haven Authority for their generous contribution to the school and the children of our community.” Says Sarah Cross.
“Over the past year we have supported many community initiatives in and around the local area, but the Harwich and Dovercourt High School’s ‘Reading for Life’ initiative struck a particular chord with us,” says Neil Glendinning, chief executive, Harwich Haven Authority.
“By working in partnership with the school we were able to offer valuable work experience earlier this year to five Year 10 pupils in our marine service, engineering and IT departments.
“As a local employer we’re very keen to support local educators as they equip and enable young people to reach their full potential. It’s beneficial to us too, because they might be applying for a job with us here at Harwich Haven Authority in the future.
“Today’s employers demand extremely high standards of education, even when recruiting for roles that might once have been considered to not necessitate having strong literacy skills. So, we hope that the new Harwich and Dovercourt High School Year 7 students embrace the ‘Reading for Life’ initiative and enjoy their learning journey.”