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Archive for July, 2017

HDHS Inter-Community Spelling Bee

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Congratulations to Willow Smith who won the second annual HDHS Inter-Community Spelling Bee on Wednesday night, securing a resounding victory for Windsor!
Pupils were tested to their limits, having to spell simple words such as meanwhile and more difficult fare like auxiliary and molecular.
Miss Rogers and Miss Finucane checked answers and kept scores whilst Mr Loxley was the quizmaster.
Thank you to all pupils and staff who took part and congratulations again to Willow Smith and Windsor!

Year 12 Alton Water

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Year 12 take on an adventurous challenge at Alton Water Sports Centre and try their hand at Sailing and Windsurfing.
They showed great determination and motivation. The weather was extremely challenging with winds that would deter most advanced surfers and sailors.

Tendring Youth Awards

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HIYA (Harwich inspired youth action) was nominated for the Community Improvement Award. Holly Cooper Keeble was nominated for the Arts Award, Alfie Benson was nominated for Outstanding achievement award by Mr Lewis and Willow Smith was nominated for Personal Journey Award by Mrs Seaman . HIYA and Willow Smith won their awards in their categories. Please see the link below for her newspaper article.

Prom 2017

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Friday 30th June saw the Class of 2017 from Harwich and Dovercourt celebrate their final day of Year 11.

On a warm summers day students arrived at the Park Pavillion to around 1500 friends, family, teachers, interested onlookers and the longest ever red carpet for our Prom.
In a variety of beautiful dresses and smart suits student’s arrived by foot, a motorbike and numerous cars from an Aston Martin DB9 to a vintage Rolls Royce.
Music played as they walked the red carpet as if they were at a Hollywood premier and they were each introduced to the crowd.

The students sat to a hot plated buffet from Treos and then after some fun awards danced the night away. Prom King and Queen were Reece Brundle and Lillie-Rose Mason.

Paul Day one of the organisers said: this has to be one of, if not the best ever proms we have had. The environment with the mayors garden being behind the arrival area worked fantastically and although daunted by the prospect, student’s enjoyed their long walk in the spotlight. The inside of the Park Pavillion looked stunning, the students behaviour was impeccable and all students expressed their thanks for the effort that had gone in to organising the event which draws bigger and bigger crowds each year.

Special thanks to Yvette Tabb (joint organiser) for all her efforts before and during the event, Jo Tarran for the decoration of the hall, Nina Carmen, Brooke Bentley and Shannon Seed for photography and to Dale Cheeseman manager of the Park Pavillion who offered the venue when the Cliff closed and we needed a new venue to keep this fantastic spectacle going.
We look forward to an even bigger and better event at the venue for the Class of 2018.

‘The seven wonders of Harwich’ or ‘Les sept merveilles d’Harwich’

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Year 7 students have been busy working on an innovative and exciting project this term. The project, entitled ‘The seven wonders of Harwich’ or ‘Les sept merveilles d’Harwich’ aims to develop students’ knowledge and interest in their local community, as well as strengthening the school links with the surrounding businesses.

Seven classes of year seven students have each chosen a ‘wonder’ of Harwich and Dovercourt, researched it and produced some fantastic posters to display. The uniqueness of this project lies in the fact that the posters are aimed at the local community, with an international twist, appealing to French speaking countries too. Some of the ‘wonders’ of Harwich include: The Beach, The Electric Palace, The Mayflower Project and The Lighthouse to cite a few.

The students final work will be displayed at an exhibition at Harwich and Dovercourt High School on Monday 17 July 4pm-5pm, where a prize will be awarded to the most innovative and creative work.
@hdhs #sevenwonders

PSHE day

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Yesterday saw the final PSHE day of the Year in some very hot conditions.

The sessions delivered to the year 8 and 9 students involved a huge variety of subject areas relating to personal, social and health education. We were fortunate to secure 24 external speakers for all the sessions throughout the day. Subject matter ranged from Careers information from a Chief Inspector, Fitness and benefits to the body, services available to support people in need of help, Drug and Alcohol education, Teenage pregnancy, Gang Prevention, Road Safety, Healthy Eating with a focus on breakfast, Cancer, the signs symptoms and care and Fire safety.

Year 7 classes worked with the Maths department applying maths skills and knowledge to real life situations. These sessions were:

1 Best buys
2 Bearings and map orientation(outside)
3 Ratio ( mixing primary colours/ painting)
4 Proportion ( recipes -making shortbread in the two cooking rooms)

Many students highlighted the importance of these days and it was pleasing to hear them say there should be more time for PSHE on the curriculum as they could see how these topics related to issues that could easily arise in the future.

The planning for next year’s events is already underway.

STEM Week – Day 3

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Today Year 7, 8 and 9 had all sorts of fun and exciting activities to complete!
Year 7 have had a natural disasters day, discussing all the issues and thinking of the solutions. They then got the chance to model their own survival shelters then make group water filtration systems. They discussed as groups what’s best and more efficient!
Finally the pupils had the egg drop challenge were pupils had to drop their eggs and ensure they did not break!

Some Year 8 and 9 pupils have been in the hall working with Small Piece Trust to design and make wind turbines for renewable energy!
They then had the chance to discuss as a team what’s efficient and what worked best.
Finally, Year 9 students were being creative with Weld Art, making models and having the chance to witness and have a go at welding their own designs to help enhance their skills!