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Archive for June, 2016

NEEEP A* Year 9 English Challenge Day

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Ben Ewing, Cody Double, Alex Wallace, Madison Smith, Chloe Colbourne, Macy Levett and Harry Cook teamed up with students from Stanway, St Helena, CCHS, TLA, and Manningtree into 12 groups.

They practised using various reading skills and linguistic devices with the aim in producing an effective, convincing and compelling speech around various allocated topics of discussion. Each team had 2 groups, 1 group for their chosen subject and the other group with an opposite point of view.

They were all amazing, communicating clearly and reaching the audience with their points of view. Pleased to say that our Ben Ewing was with the overall winning team.

Finally, all the year 9’s were well behaved, came across professional and very grown up.

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Year 10 Art Work

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Amazing drawing work from some of our Year 10 Art students, showing what outcomes can be achieved after excellent development of drawing skills through KS3 and then into their KS4 art journey. Well done guys. Sian Thompson, Calli Gardiner, Kaci Mark, Deivis Ajazi, Ashlea Kavanagh, Kimberley Self, Sydney Storer, Charleigh Lankenau, Emily Hunwick and Charmaine Maskell.

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Young Poets Slam at Manningtree High School

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24 young poets from across North Essex came together to compete in the third annual NEEEP Poetry Slam, held at Manningtree High School on June 23rd. Judged by Colchester Arts Centre slam poetry champion Tess Gardener and performance poet, Steve Lawton, students aged 11-16 rhymed about topics as diverse as addiction, perfection, the referendum and mystery islands, among many others.
After the initial round, six performers made it to the finals, with Cat Burr from Stanway School finally emerging victorious. She commented: “It was an amazing event. The standard of poetry was so high and everyone’s content was beyond their years. I’m honoured to have won and hope that everyone continues writing.”

“The issues raised by this year’s competitors and the power with which they were delivered was incredibly impressive: it was wonderful to see the North Essex schools together at Manningtree and the students spoke highly of each other’s performances.”
Clacton County High, The Gilberd, Manningtree High School, St Helena, The Harwich and Dovercourt School, The Stanway School , Thomas Lord Audley School, Thurstable School.

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European Union referendum

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Students at Harwich and Dovercourt High School have taken part in their own European Union referendum. Polling stations across the school allowed every pupil to cast their vote on Thursday in exactly the same way that the national vote was conducted.
Voting was hotly contested and opinions divided. Daisy Kent in Year 7 explained that she was voting to leave for a “fresh start” and Hannah Milne in Year 8 said she hoped a vote to leave would result in better funding for the NHS and other public services. By contrast James Smith in Year 10 voted remain to keep the price of holidays and food low adding that he didn’t think a vote to leave would solve issues around immigration. Louis Hughes and Aaron Stacey-Irvin in Year 7 agreed adding that they valued the chance to travel freely across Europe.
Head of Heidelberg Learning Community Mrs Michelle Honeyman explained that it was important for students to understand the process so that they can make informed decisions and understand the importance of voting in future. Fellow Heads of Community Paul Day, Gary Lewis and Grace Bradshaw agreed that the students had voted respectfully and sensibly and engaged politely and thoughtfully with the issues.
The end result?
Leave The EU: 355 votes
Remain in the EU: 307 votes
Students now wait to see the result of the full national referendum!

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Athletics District Event

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Students in the athletics team: You have been invited to the Athletics District event at the Garrison, Colchester. This takes place on Tuesday 21st June (tomorrow). You need to be at school by 8.20am ready to leave at the latest 8.30am. The event is all day so you will need a packed lunch, drink, sun cream and appropriate clothing. We are looking to return to school by 5.00pm but this is subject to change due to large numbers attending the event.