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Media Revision Podcasts

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Year 11 media students are sitting an exam on sci-fi films. They each chose a topic or a exam question and created a revision-podcast to go with it!

Podcast – Mainstream and Niche

Podcast – Maisie, Matilda – Prop’s Theory

Podcast – Tips on Question 1

Podcast – Tay, Sam, Ryan – Tips on Question 2

Podcast – Callum, Adam, Hope, Jamie

Podcast – Canberra, Jack – Examples of Sci-Fi Films

Podcast – Harry, Jay, Kian, Demi – Mainstream and Niche

What can parents do to support the school?

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Upcoming inspection:
What can you do to support? Log into Parent View

Many of you will know that the school is due a visit from Ofsted within the next few weeks. The school has had two successive judgements of ‘requiring improvement’ in 2012 and 2014. The Department for Education (DFE) rules state that if a school receives three consecutive judgements of ‘requiring improvement’ it must join a Multi Academy Trust. Our school is currently part of an Umbrella Trust, NEEEP, which the DFE no longer recognises. Therefore the school is being asked, once again, to review its partnerships moving forward. This is part of the Government’s national strategy. Many schools are in our position. Over six months ago work began to develop a Multi Academy Trust from within NEEEP which involved HDHS. Becoming part of this group would allow us to continue the valuable work with neighbouring schools which has contributed to our improvements. The DFE will not allow us to join this Trust unless we achieve a ‘Good’ in our forthcoming inspection. This is a real possibility. The school has a great deal of evidence of the improvements it has made over the last two years. We do however, need your support.

Ofsted will ask you, as parents, for your views about the school when we are notified of their visit. There is also a portal which you can access called ‘Parent View’ at This is a brief questionnaire regarding key issues. We receive positive comments in school all the time – they outnumber the very small number of negative comments by far. The reason I would ask you to access Parent View is that it is natural for us to refrain from actively seeking to stress the positives. However, it would be very useful on this occasion. I know from talking to parents that many of your children have enjoyed events such as:

Day trips, drama productions, team competitions, Sports Day, The Hair Show, Team Sports, Skiing Trips, Duke of Edinburgh Awards, Children’s University, Summer School, Skills Day, Kinder Transport Project, Outward Bounds Week, Sports Personality and Awards Evening, to name but a few.

These are just a few of the Extra Curricular activities the school offers in addition to the improvements in educational standards we are driving. Possibly your son or daughter has benefited from the new Post 16 Common Room or use of iPads or had good experiences in K Zone. If there are elements of our provision which you have appreciated such as the commitment of staff to revision classes, booster days or extra support then please take a few minutes to tell us via Parent View.

Quite rightly we ask parents to tell us when we get it wrong and need to change what we do. It might be very important that you also take a few minutes to tell if we have got things right.

Many thanks for your support.

Rob Garrett

Successful County Tournament for Miah Reynolds

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Congratulations to Miah Reynolds one of our Year 8 students who has been successful after her County tournaments and will now represent the East of England this summer. This is her first year as a hockey goal keeper and we are very proud that her talents have been noticed. We look forward to seeing her results in the East team and also have our fingers crossed for a future England selection.

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Champion School

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Public-spirited students at HDHS have led to the school being officially recognised as the county’s ‘champion’ for National Citizen Service (NCS). NCS is a government initiative in which students from Year 11 – 13 take part in community based projects during 3 weeks of their summer holidays. Projects have included charity fund-raising, working with children or the elderly, improving local facilities or organising community events. HDHS has taken part for the last three years but this year, take-up has been so great that the school has been officially declared the county’s most public-spirited with over 60 pupils confirming their attendance by paying to be included. In return students will attend a one-week team-building experience similar to Outward Bounds and will receive a personal letter of commendation from the Prime Minister.
Assistant Head Simon Garnham said, “I am extremely proud that so many of our students are willing to give up their holidays to work within the community. I’m also delighted that they are taking this great chance to improve their employability skills. They will be well trained to work as a team and to plan and deliver a worth-while and rewarding project. I am told by the National Citizen Service that we may well be getting a surprise visit to present our awards by a very high-profile celebrity!”
It is not too late to take part – for more information see Mr Garnham.


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National Youth Speaks Final

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There was a fantastic result in Preston on Saturday at the National Youth Speaks Final with Ella Humprhis winning an individual reward for being the best chairperson in the competition. This is a great personal achievement for Ella and one she thoroughly deserves. Ella is a UK champion, an excellent result for Ella and the school.

The team did not get announced as the UK group winners but there is nothing but admiration and pride for what these fantastic young Harwich students have achieved. Elliot Jackson, Ella Humphris and Emily Carman are inspirations and excellent role models to the school. We are so proud of our 3 superstars, they really are inspiration to us all. Congratulations Team Harwich.

IMG_0092 IMG_0096 IMG_0099




Outward Bound trip 2016

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Over the Easter break some of our Year 10 students took part in the annual Outward Bound trip.
The Outward Bound Trust is an educational charity that uses the outdoors to help develop young people from all walks of life. Through the generosity of donors, they are able to run adventurous and challenging outdoor learning programmes that equip young people with valuable skills for education, work and life. This helps them become more confident, more effective and more capable at school, college and in the workplace.

All the programmes inspire and motivate people and take place in the natural environment, away from distractions or modern amenities. Participants learn a deep appreciation of the balance between risk, reward and responsibility and leave our programmes with transferrable, essential life skills, including:
•Setting and achieving goals
•Listening and communicating effectively
•Facing a challenge with determination
•Cooperation and collaboration
•Maintaining a positive outlook, even when things get tough
•Effective leadership skills

These skills have been shown to have a profound impact on the future success of individuals in both education and employment, and on their overall wellbeing.

The link provides images from the trip.