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Archive for February, 2016

The Windsor Community “Raisin” money for the Essex Air Ambulance

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Most of the Year 7 students got involved in a fund raising challenge for the Essex Air Ambulance (our dedicated Community charity)

The challenge was to see how many items they could fit into a small raisin box.

The students pictured (from left to right) Jessie Archer-Farrands, Shannon Waters, Hayley Self and Robert Koczka were the students who got the highest totals. Shannon the winner with 92 items.

Their reward is a trip to the Essex Air Ambulance station where they will meet staff and crew and hopefully see the helicopter close up (if not on a call)

A cheque for £357 has been sent to the Charity and it will be nice to for the students to see where their money raised goes.

” I was proud of the efforts of the Year 7 students who got involved and hope the other year groups follow suit and are as enthusiastic later in the year”. Paul Day (Head of a Windsor Learning Community).

Raisin box charity

‘Which Book Am I From’ Challenge

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Thursday 3rd March is World Book Day!

To celebrate, on the day staff in school are wearing badges with book character names on them. (Some may even be dressed in costumes!)

Your challenge is to see if you can spot them, then guess which book their character is from.

The pupil who correctly identifies the most characters wins a Giant Easter Egg!!

If you wish to take part, please see Mr Dace in the school library for an Answer Sheet.

Which book am i from

Swimming lessons

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Swimming lessons start at 8.30 a.m. Students should not be arriving at the pool for these sessions before 8.25 a.m. There has been some concern from the pool staff that students are arriving as early as 7.45 a.m. and are consequently unsupervised for long periods of time. Please be aware that as a school we cannot take responsibility for the safety of students who arrive earlier than 8.25 a.m.

PE Department

Year 10 – Child Development Revision Guides

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To enable students to reach their full potential in Child Development we will be ordering revision guides on their behalf.
If you would like your son/daughter to have one of these books, at a price of £4.00, payment should be made on line using Wisepay, by Friday 11th March.
Paying online using Wisepay:
•Click on the ‘Parents’ tab at the top of the school web page, log on and follow the links to General Products.

•Harwich and Dovercourt High School no longer accepts cash or cheque payments. Any parent who does not have IT access will be able to use the IT facility provided in Student Services.

KS3 solving Rocket Science Problems

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“Boldly going where no-one has gone before, the KS3 STEM group met together on the 9th February to solve some key rocket science problems. How do we get a rocket up? How do we slow its decent on the way down? (most importantly) How do we protect a raw egg from going SPLAT?! All of these key skills will be of vital importance when we enter the UKAYROC rocket challenge to send a rocket 250 meters (850 feet) up with a payload of two raw eggs to bring down uncracked.

The day started with a BANG as the students competed against each other to create the most aerodynamic bottle rocket possible. Initially with compressed air and water the winning team managed an impressive 12.65 meters off the ground, which they nudged up to 13.2 meters with some help from vinegar and bicarbonate of soda.

We then went on to work on reducing the SPLAT, with each team working to drop their capsule the fastest, while protecting a raw egg from falling both 4 meters and (after some improvements) 10 meters. With an impressive range of designs the winning team managed to safely land their egg 10 meters in a speedy 5.1 seconds.

The day moved swiftly on with a range of ideas on how to slow the decent of a cream egg with a range of parachute ideas. The day ended with a WHOOSH with a small scale kit rocket being launched sky high.”

IMG_2167 IMG_2168 IMG_2192 IMG_2211

Teachers Mastermind

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Teachers’ Mastermind – Thursday 11th February 2016

Five extremely brave (or foolish!) teachers dared to have their knowledge tested on their specialist subjects, in the school’s version of the famous TV quiz.

Competition was fierce, with Miss Harding narrowly winning with 14 points on her specialist subject of Disney Animated Films.

Full contestant list:

Miss Harding Disney Animated Films 14
Mrs Parks Harry Potter 12
Miss McLean Harry Potter 10
Mrs Ratcliffe Breaking Bad 8
Miss Barr Friends 6

Staff Mastermind