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Psychology Zoo Trip

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The students learnt about behaviourism, target training and the use of this in the zoo to enable the staff to carry out health checks and move the animals safely. Students then had a go at training the goats themselves using conditioning with a target ball, a clicker and food.

Students in both Year 10 and 12 then carried out observations to apply their understanding of how to design observational studies to compare animals behaviour. Some students compared behaviour at different times of the day, differences between males and females, differences between juvenile and adults and even differences across sub-species.

Check out the HDHS Psycology Facebook page.

DSCN5698 DSCN5716   IMG_2983DSCN5728DSCN5810


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This is based on the popular BBC TV quiz, where contestants answer questions on their Chosen Subject and General Knowledge.

We hope to hold a round of the quiz for each year group.

In each round, pupils’ Chosen Subject will be their favourite book, film or television programme: Harry Potter; Frozen; Dr Who; for example. You will need to know lots of facts and information about this subject if you would like to take part!

The winner from each round will go through to The Grand Final, where they will answer General Knowledge questions.

There are Vivo Points for everyone who takes part, and fun prizes for winners of each round and the winner of The Grand Final.

Please note that Mastermind will take place straight after school finishes at 3pm, so make sure you are available on the date you are given. There may be an audience, so you must be happy to answer questions in front of other pupils and teachers.

Please fill in and return the entry form attached, with your FIRST and SECOND choice Chosen Subject, to Mr Dace in the library, by Friday 18th December 2015.

Pupil-Mastermind-Quiz-information.pdf – 194 KB




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Harwich and Dovercourt High School Sixth Form Enterprise Project will be selling craft and wood items at Harwich Market on 4th and 11th December – all profits go to Charity – this year RSPCA, Cancer Research UK and the Alzheimer’s’ Society. Lots of quality items to fill Christmas stockings. Come along and support us – we will be outside Superdrug.

Crafty Wood

Science Discovered lecture starring Professor Brian Cox

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On Monday the 23rd of November, a rag tag group of Year 11 HDHS students made their way to London to attend a Science Discovered lecture starring Professor Brian Cox. After what seemed like years winding their way through the heart of London, the mini buses finally reached the drop off point near Piccadilly Circus. A quick pit-stop was made before heading to the Piccadilly Theatre for the main event. The first speaker was Simon Watt (of Channel 4’s Inside Nature’s Giants) who informed the crowd that they were all mutants. Through a series of demonstrations and crowd participation, he went on to show what DNA is made of, how mutations occur and their consequences. Next up was Professor Andrea Sella, a chemist from University College London who spoke of the complexities of ice and its strange behaviour. After a short interval, Professor Brian Cox came on to a huge cheer (and whistles) from the audience. He spoke about order in the universe, his research at Cern, quantum physics and answered questions from the audience about astrobiology – a generally new field of study looking into the possibility of life on other planets. All students received a study pack with ideas about the presenters, the topics they spoke about and job opportunities in science as well as a signed photograph of Prof. Brian Cox to put on their mantle pieces.

20151123_121918 20151123_123445 20151123_123511

Rollerworld Trip

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On Thursday evening 35 Year 7 students including three excellent Windsor prefects went for an evening of fun at Rollerworld.
The staff Mr Day, Mr Gambrell, Mrs Wells, Mrs Seaman and Mrs Norton joined in the fun with only Mr Day remaining on his feet for the whole evening.
The students were a credit to the school and laughed and smiled throughout the trip.
The Duracell bunny award goes to Sam Clasper who never stopped and you will see on one of the photos the effect non stop skating had on him.

IMG_3811 IMG_3814 IMG_3815 IMG_3817 IMG_3818 IMG_3822 IMG_3823 IMG_3824 IMG_3825 IMG_3826 IMG_3827 IMG_3828 IMG_3830 IMG_3831  IMG_3835 IMG_3836 IMG_3839 IMG_3840 IMG_3848 IMG_3849 IMG_3851 IMG_3855 IMG_3856 IMG_3858 IMG_3859  IMG_3861IMG_3833IMG_3860

The Cosmetic Dental Studio’s generous donation

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The school library recently received £100 from The Cosmetic Dental Studio (T J Daly), Dovercourt.
Andrew Dace, library manager said, ‘On behalf of the library I would like to thank The Cosmetic Dental Studio for its generous donation. This enabled us to provide our pupils with a new selection of books, which will enhance their reading experience.DSCN0480 DSCN0486 DSCN0490 DSCN0492 DSCN0493 DSCN0494


Competition Winners

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On Friday 20th November, Harwich and Dovercourt High School pupils who entered the school’s ‘Patterns’ photography competition, were treated to a visit by a television weather presenter.

Laura Tobin, who appears on ITV’s ‘Good Morning Britain’, kindly judged photos taken by children, both at HDHS and local primary  canada-goose-outlet-online sale schools. She presented the winners with their prizes, and also
gave a very interesting presentation on her job as a meteorologist, talking about different cloud formations, and the weekend’s weather!

Andrew Dace, School Library Manager said, ‘We had a respectable amount of photos sent to us this year. Pupils really used their imaginations on the competition theme. There were some  canada goose kensington parka sale fantastic pictures of patterns. Laura was very impressed by the level of entries and hard a had job choosing the winners. She also said she enjoyed her afternoon at the school.

Prize winners were as follows:

Age 6-10:
1st prize (Digital camera): Ruby Rigg, Amelia Larden
Runners-up (£20 voucher): Veer Singh, Louie Todd
Excellent Efforts: Alfie Harding, William Turner, Zak Munro

Age 11-18
1st Prize (Digital Camera): Rohini Singh
Runners up (£20 voucher): Rosie Mackie, Ryan Morgan
Excellent Efforts: Kayla Bush, Brandon Wilson, Rosie Rolph-Wills

Harwich and Dovercourt High School would like to thank the following firms and organisations for their kind donations to the competition:

London Camera Exchange, Colchester; Harwich Rotary Club; Colchester Zoo; East of England Co-op.


Students take over Harwich Library

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The following students – Alex Newman, Keri Saddington, Holly Pagani, Jade Flynn, Ellie Bould, Thomas Bell, Tyler Beezley
and Taylor Zegli “took over” Harwich Library on Friday as they explored the resources available for students, helped design an app for library users, planned celebrations for Roald Dahl’s 100th birthday next year and commandeered the social media accounts of Essex Libraries Service!
They were congratulated for their professionalism and hard work by Councillor Henderson, the Mayor and Mayoress of Harwich. You can find some of their work on the Essex libraries Twitter and Facebook pages